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continued help with bios boot password

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Thanks for your help so far. Jamman and Valiant2003. I know how to get to the bios screen. I am that computer literate. There I have access to some thing called supervisor password and user password. I have set both of those up but my computer will still boot up without ever asking for a password. What now? Thanks for sticking with me. Ken
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If password locking the screensaver doesn't work for you, I'm positive that you can set up more than one user under Win98. I hate to have to do this but I have a movie to get to, I was just checking to see what was happening, since I don't know off the top of my head, I'm betting JAMMAN or some othre friendly tech will come along and save the day, but if all else fails you can go to the dreaded microsoft website and search for help there. Good luck, and sorry :(
I have set both of those up but my computer will still boot up without ever asking for a password
Does anyone else find this unusual? I have never had a problem with that on the few times I have found it necessary to set a password in the bios.
It does seem unusual going strictly from what I would assume to be the point of setting up the password ( block people on start up), but when I did that to mine ( back when I was using win98) it only asked for the pass when I went to change the bios settings, so it may be the mobo, or maybe just the bios. We'll see what others say, it may require a flashing if that's the case. I still think that a pass on the screensaver, or setting up more than one account in win98 would work just fine. Blocking access in POST does completely bar any chance of the unwanted user getting in with out the password or using "password recovery" software or drastically removing the CMOS battery

Duh to me. I had to hop on my 5 year old son's computer to realize....................

Start/settings/control panel. Then click on...PASSWORDS .
Back to his first post.

When you put the password into the bios did you save before exiting the bios?

I must admit I am a bit confused by the progress of this thread..;)
The root of your confusion, sir, is that the original question has been spread over multiple threads by the original questioner. I have suggested that a reply to the thread he started is the best way to avoid confusion.:D :D
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