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Constantly disconnecting, help!!

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Okay, this has been happening for about 5 months now. It only happens when I have my router connected..

I'll be on my computer normally and about every 5 minutes I will get a quick message saying "A network cable has been unplugged", the go away, sign me out of everything, "acquiring network address", then back to normal. Well, not really.
I've recently tried switching from my Linksys WRT54GS, to a D-Link WBR-2310, no such luck, same thing and seems like it's happening more often

- I have all the firmware updates
- Default settings
- I'm pissed off.

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Does this happen to more than one computer on the router? Is this wired or wireless? What version and patch level of Windows? If XP, are you using WZC or a 3rd party wireless client?
Have you tried to change the network cable and network adapter? Both devices can be the cause of your problem..

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