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Constant Studder WinXp

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Okay... very tricky, inspiron 1300 laptop, 1.5GHz 256 ram
Basically, my computer has a studdering problem.
you can see it in even on the welcome screen as the mouse skips across the screen approximately every 1 second. But mainly you notice it when you try to playback any media.
Something alil farther to the side of strang is that every time the studder occurs, my hdd led lights up for the entire duration of the studder.

P.S. This computer has ghost drive with all factory defaults..
after reseting completly to all default (which includes automaticly reformatin and installing WinXP), the studder remains there.

Please for the love of all that is to be loved... HELP ME ON THIS!
I'm so confused.:sigh:
The only thing ive done to this computer is i updated pheonix cmos and i dont think thats when it started.
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consider increasing your ram to 1gig it's cheap at the present time
I have thought about it, but why waist the money? I'll still have to put up with the constant studdering. The memory has been the same since I've had this computer.
But the symptoms started not too.... long ago.

I forgot to mention... I flashed both my CMOS and my CD-ROM firmware.. and now...
my CD-ROM only reads sometimes. The rest of the time it acts like the disk is unreadable.
check the drives are running in dma mode
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