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Constant Restarting.

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Everytime I try and open a browser or any kind of access to the internet on my computer, it restarts itself. It wasn't doing this before I moved, but then I moved out and now it's restarting everytime I try to open a browser or connect in anyway. Anyone know what's wrong?

Thanks for the help.


I'm running on a wireless connection. I have a D-Link connected in the USB.
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hi good day,

are you using a modem? if yes try to uninstall the modem then install it again
if the problem does it again try to transfer the modem into the other slot, and if does'nt work try to replace the modem.....
Thanks !
Checking the modem is a good place to start but also bear in mind the possibility of a malware infection. Take 5 minutes to read through as it may help too :)
Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm running a wireless connection. I'll try what you said, but I wanted to say that real quick.
Where are you based?
Based? What do you mean? United States?
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