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Hi, I'm new to this site, and I've never had any of these problems with any of my older computers. I'm not sure if the problems are related, but a simple malware/virus scan doesn't seem to do the trick.

It all started randomly, my computer froze, and shut itself down, when I turned it back on, everything seemed fine, until I accessed the internet. I've experienced the following issues:

Redirects [Occurring primarily when clicking on links for items searched through any search engine]

Random new Tabs
[As the name suggests, these are random, I don't know when they'll open, or where they'll take me. They seem to be focused around something recently searched, or spoken about on a recently visited web page]

Forgotten Login Information [I've had people tell me that it happens from time to time that msn will 'forget you,' and it had happened to me a couple times on a different computer, however, this is much worse, it's any site that is asked to remember my login information. I have tried setting my online options to 'remember passwords,' even selected that option when granted through the website itself. However, this is to no avail, as soon as I restart my computer, it's forgotten all my login information.]

and the latest issue being
Random Logouts [I am randomly logged out of sites that I would otherwise remain logged into, for no apparent reason. It's usually just shortly, within 3 minutes, after logging in, and then I am forced to re-login.]

While none of these are exactly damaging to my computer, they are very frustrating, and I'm sure a sign of something worse.

To sate any curiosity, I'm running windows XP Media center edition, on a Dell. These issues are occurring on Firefox, although I have tried Opera, as I almost outright refuse to use internet explorer, and none of these problems exist. If no help is available, I will simply start using opera, despite it's hatred of videos.

Any help is welcome, and appreciated, thank you.
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