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Ive been noticing some constant port activity tha last few days on my computer. I mean 24/7.

I use Azureus for Torrent downloads, and I have it set to port 26666. I have forwarded that port to my PC in my router settings. Azureus and the downloads work just fine. However when I am not using Azureus that port still has constant activity. Doesnt matter if I have not used Azureus in a few minutes, hours or days. I have changed the port, was originally 26662, and as soon as the port is changed all the activity changed to that port also.

At any given moment if I open up my Incoming Log on my router I can see a list anywhere between 10-50 IP's trying to access that port. Now if I am using Azureus that makes sense because I am downloading/uploading to many people. But when I am not using it there should be no activity what so ever, right?

I noticed this when my systray LAN icon was in a state of constant blinking. I dont like it blinking when I know I am not doing anything. So I check the logs and found out all of this.

Whats the reason for this constant port activity? Is there a different port I should try or what? Anyone got any ideas?

LinkSys WRT54G Router
Comcast Cable w/a DPX2100 Scientific Atlanta Modem
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