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Firstly, thanks to anyone willing to take a look.

Onto the problem.
I recently clean installed a copy of Win 7 Ultimate onto a SSD.
Now, the problem is that the Physical Memory being used is always high for some reason.
For the first few seconds after start up, the usage is usually around the low teens. Then afterwards, it would spike up to 80% usage, staying at that rate for a good minute after which time, it would drop down to a steady 46-56% usage for the duration of however long I use my PC.

It's a clean install and I haven't done anything with the install yet except install a few portable applications. And this is what boggles me. Shouldn't clean installs not use that much Physical Memory, probably at most use maybe in the low teens?

Thanks again for any help anyone is able to give!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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