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Constant freezing/crashing

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I didn't know where to post this because I cannot pin point what the cause of the freezing is.

The computer will login fine and will usually freeze with 10 minutes, sometimes within 2 minutes of starting up.

The screen just freezes and I can see everything which was on the screen. I notice that my keyboard and mouse both switch off and become non responsive, If I am playing music, that stops aswell. The system crashes but I have no idea what the cause is.

I Have opened up the case to look for anything strange when the freezing occurs but everything seems normal as if the system was running properly.

I have taken out my graphics card and ran the computer without it but the freezing still occurs, only this time I get black and white vertical stripes on the screen.

Figuring that wasn't the problem, I took both sticks of RAM out separately to see if I had a faulty stick and the freezing occured still. Here are my specs:

Motherboard - NEC Computers International P5VD2 - NVM
Chipset - VIA P4M800CE
Processor - Intel Pentium 4 525 @ 3066 MHz
Memory - 2048 mb ( 2 x 1024: DDR2 SDRAM)
Video Card - ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 series
HDD - Seagate ST3120213A ATA (120 GB)
HDD - Western Digital WD10EARS - 00MVWBO ATA (1000 GB)
CD Rom Drive - ATAPI iHAS324 B ATA Device
Monitor - AOC International WJ1780PI - 17 Inches
Network Card - Realtek Semiconductor RTL8139/810x Fast Ethernet Adapter
Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate Professional Media Centre. 32 bit.
DirectX - Version 11.00
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Hi aaron11892,

Try performing a check disk repair on the computer and see if the freezing issue with your computer disappear. Also go to the manufacturer's website of your computer hard-drive and download the diagnostics utility. Put the program onto a CD, boot the computer to it, and test the computer HDD for any errors. Since you are using Windows 7 OS, you can try performing an "In-Place Upgrade" which will perform a windows repair on your computer.
What is the brand name and wattage of the power supply you are using? Also, go in to the BIOS and check your voltages and temperatures. Please post this information for us.
Try performing a check disk repair on the computer and see if the freezing issue with your computer disappear.

I can't even get this far to perform the check disk repair. I turned the pc on this morning and it froze on the screen where it says "Starting Windows". I tried going into safe mode but it froze in the exact same spot. I can't even login now to even try and find the source of the problem.

My power supply brand is called CIT and has a wattage of 650W which is more than enough. The PSU is relatively new, only a few months so I wouldn't suspect this to be the problem.

Also here are my voltages and temperatures from my BIOS:

cpu temp - 41 - 43 degrees
mb temp - 28 - 29 degrees

cpu fan speed - 1654 rpm
chassis fan speed - n/a

vcore voltage - 1.232V
3.3v voltage - 3.296V
5v voltage - 5.080V
12v voltage - 11.968 to 12.032V
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the CIT power supply is basically a mere paperweight at best. You can not purchase a decent power supply for the price you paid for that one. A good power supply would cost almost three times that amount for a 650 watt. I am not sure that is it yet, but everything points to that. Do you have a spare (or old one) that you can try in there for now, or a friend who could loan you one to try?
So are you saying that my PSU doesn't actually support 650W and is actually something much lower? Alos could you tell me specifically why the freezing occurs? It's only started freezing a week ago and it has been fine up until that point.

I do have an old PSU, the one I used to have in my computer before I replaced it with the CIT one. However since then I have a new hard drive and cd drive but they are connected via SATA cables.

My old PSU only supports ATA power connectors so I wouldn't be able to connect it back up. Would you recommend I buy ATA to SATA cables which will allow me to use SATA power connectors with a PSU which only supplies ATA ones?
I am not sure if it is putting out enough or not. When you purchase a very cheap power supply (regardless of the wattage), they don't put out what they claim a good bit of the time and they also (if they do put out enough) die very quickly trying to pull more than they are capable of.

I still think your best bet is to try to borrow one from a friend and see if it works. Or, Bestbuy (if you have one nearby) sells Corsair (a great supply), so you might go there and get a new one and try it. If it does not fix your issue, then take it back for a refund. OUr BestBuy doesn't even charge a restocking fee, so you could try it for free if your BestBuy does that. That way, you will know and not have to put out any cash.
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