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Constant freezing after formatting

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I have formatted my computer 3 times now. At first I though the freezing was due to a virus/spyware given to me by my school's network. However, after the 3rd format, I had installed both a legal copy of Norton with the latest update definitions and service pack 2 before connecting to the network and is it is still freezing. I'm not sure why. Can anyone help me?
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Does it freeze before you install Norton or SP2? I would try using a different antivirus utility. Otherwise it could be becuase of outdated drivers or a failing power supply or other hardware.
I never really gave it a chance to see because after I reformatted, I immediately installed the drivers and then Norton and SP2. Could it be my video card drivers? I just recently installed the new Catalyst drivers for my ATI 9800 Pro. I'm not sure what exactly is causing this.

Also what anti-virus would you suggest. The one I'm using is given out for free by my school.
I reccomend AVG which is here: another is NOD32. Norton is known to cause problems. If that doesnt help i would start over, and not install anything new and see if it still has the problem. (Dont connect it to the net yet unless you have a router/ hardware firewall becuase you wont have any security programs installed yet.) Then one by one install the new items (Sp2, vid drivers). After one is installed give it some time to see if the problem comes back. If it were me i wouldnt even bother installing norton becuase it isnt that great of a security program and slows down your computer.
If it does freeze after I format what could it be? Hardware?
Most likely, if it doesnt freeze till it is warmed up it could be a heat issue. To see if thats the problem you could open the case and make a fan blow air inside. It could also be a failing powersupply.
You mean start it up with the case opened?
Yes, and with a fan blowing into it. If its very dusty you may also want to clean it (of course with the power off and the computer unplugged).
i ran a utility that tells me my computer's temperature and it says my CPU temperature is at 46 C or 114 F. Motherboard temperature is 42 C or 107 F. Is this the reasoN?
these are normal temperatures, try uninstalling norton for the time being. i've actually had the same problem, and it was caused by norton. If possible go into safe mode and uninstall all norton antivirus.
I uninstalled Norton. What's weird is it doesn't freeze if I'm playing something like Counter Strike: Source but once I start doing something like using AIM or browsing the internet, it freezes.
DO your windows updates and check for malware. click on then panda active scan link below.
I'm trying to run the panda scan but my computer keeps freezing. I called in my problem to my Campus Tech Support and they think it might be a problem with my processor/mobo. Is there any ways to check without switching it with another(I don't have any spare parts). Should I try reapplying the heatsink with more thermal paste?
If I were you I would eliminate the possibility of a software problem before swapping your mainboard or processor (which is the only way to test such hardware at home).

Option One is to do a low level format on your drive which will clean everything off and give you a fresh start for doing a high level format with your windows CD - if you don't have a windows CD but a restore set-up, then this may not be the right way to go.

However, if you have a windows CD then download the drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility from their website (usually goes onto a floppy) and use it to set your drive to zeros - this will remove everything, so do back-up anything you want to keep. Once you have installed windows you will need to install your mainboard and graphic drivers, etc. If you do restarts as you load each driver you should be able to spot any problematic driver clashes.

If you're not sure which hard drive you have, you can use this to find out:-

Option Two is to do a 'repair install' of windows which should leave your data in place (but consequently is not so thorough for troubleshooting the possibility of a software problem), however, it will mean you can try out the system without SP2 and with some assurance that your windows files are in tact and working as they should:-

With either option I would suggest leaving Norton off and installing AVG and Microsoft's anti-spyware program along with Adaware-SE and Spybot - all free and all well tried and tested software which does the job they were designed to do.

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I noticed that my computer doesn't seem to freeze in Safe mode but only in Safe mode with networking and regular mode. Does this mean it's only a spyware/malware problem rather than a hardware issue.
- EDIT: I came home and plugged it in to my regular modem as opposed to the School Network and it hasn't frozen yet. I'm starting to think that it might be some type of malware problem. However, what I don't understand is why it would freeze with their connection and not this one.
Well it could be malware from the school network and once it got on your computer it should continue to freeze your computer no matter what internet connection you have but otherwise malware wouldnt make sense if you just reformatted. Hmm, are you using xp home or pro, home only works on networks with a max of 4 computers i think, and if the school network has more maybe this would cause a problem.
Think in terms of what could have changed between the time when your PC was working OK and now?

It sounds as if you may have some kind of driver conflict going on - check out the soft/firmware for the network modem ... it might be that you have now installed software/driver updates/windows updates/etc, that are conflicting.

Could it be the Microsoft Updates because I don't think, now that I think about it that, that it started freezing up until I started installing Microsoft Updates. Is there a way to figure out if it is a driver conflict?

-EDIT: I'm using XP pro by the way. Also I'm trying to install the update "Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 1.1 Service Pack 1" and I keep getting an error. This debugging window keeps popping up with the error. I'm not sure if this is connected to my problem.
Does anything show yellow in device manager? (right click My Computer>Properties>Hardware Tab> )

Or Event Viewer (right click My Computer>Manage>Event Viewer ... double click on any alerts showing) ...?

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