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Constant Acquiring Network Address

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I had to do a repair on my system and now when trying to log into the 'net it hangs on "Acquiring Network Address". The message also says that I am connected to my network.

During the repair install I got a message that afd.sys can not be found. The CD is the original and things used to work.

I did ipconfig from the command prompt and got back that the wireless media is disconnected. Device manager says the wireless adapter is working properly.

TIA for any help
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Hi and welcome to TSF you could try repairing Perform a Repair Installation
please use a different font size as this looks like your shouting
Go to Start/Run and type SFC /scannow and press enter. Put the XP CD in and it will take any files it's missing from the CD.

RE: Font size, after posting I picked up my new specs .....
Hi no problem glad you got new specs lol
Make sure you are using the correct password/passphrase set in your wireless router. If you can't connect wrelessly, try using an ethernet cable and see if you connect.
This didn't work Got SFC/scannow not found etc....

Probably time to retrieve what I can and format and start over? Luckily it is a test system that I try new things on. Maybe it was a good thing I tried something on it first.
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