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Console to a monitor?

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Hiya ppl, i have a monitor with DVI and VGA inputs, saw a cable that had VGA - RCA (male/male) and there was a warning saying it wasnt compatible with a computer monitor.

now i was planning to hook up my console to my VCR and output the image from my VCR to my monitor.

to get to the point, they cable i found doesnt do that supposedly, is there a way around this?

dont wanna invest in a new TV atm, and well my monitor is beautiful and would like to utilize it for my console/vcr needs.

*if the soloution is a tuner card of somesort, please send a link of what i need to purchase.
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What concoles(s) are you planning to use? Microsoft has a VGA cable for their XBox 360 system. Otherwise I suggest investing in a Composite/S-Video adapter box. There's a good one I saw on that has gotten rave reviews from users that is simple and very effective.
the console will be connected via - RGB, S-Video or any other anolog output.

searched the site and found this device:

looks like it will do, but will i be able to hook up an RGB/S-video to this?
It's hard to tell from the photos, but it does appear to have S-Video input. it does not, however, have RGB component video inputs.
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