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Connection Sharing

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Hello and thanks in advance for your patience with new guy on the block.

I have a small network with 5 computers, the connection is DSL, I use a router and have a single ethernet connection to all 5 computers. Everything works like a charm.

My problem is this: I would very much like for my laptop, on occasion, to "share" one of the five routed connections that already is hooked on to a desktop computer. I do not want to have to unplug this desktop connection and plug in my laptop. I need them both to be on the network at the same time. I can not figure out how to do this, is it even possible? Do I have to run another ethernet cable from my router to this location, or can I get away with having two PC's on one cable at the same time?

Thank you very much.
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Welcome to TSF!

I would recommend going wireless. You can hook up virtually unlimited computers that way. Aside from that you could pickup a small hub.

If you stick with wired it'd be built like this...

Internet---->Modem---->Router---->Hub---->PC5 and Laptop
Wireless is obviously different and requires no hub.
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Thanks for help!

So from the wall connection I can run ethernet into a hub (please check link and make sure I am getting the right thing), then out of the hub into my desktop and my laptop via 2 seperate ethernet wires? As simple as that?

You got it! A wired connection is also less susceptible to intrusion. I'm not a big fan of LinkSys but what you found will work just dandy for what you're doing. Good price, too!
Thanks a million! I'll dredge up this thread and let you know how it went when I get my part in.
Glad to help. If you have any other questions feel free to drop on by.
Thanks Ebackhus, the new equipment worked great and I'm online with my laptop.

I've given your suggestion of wireless some thought and do like the idea of using my laptop that way when it is unplugged from my new hub. How would you recommend I proceed?
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