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Connection problem

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hopefully someone can help me out with this problem, im getting quite annoyed at it.

i am haveing a problem with my internet connection and programs accsessing it.

All p2p programs, such as lime wire and hello cannot connect as if there were a fire wall blocking them, which i have turned off, also about ever 2 days i ahve to restart my computer because all programs lose there connection, ie MSNMessenger FireFox and IE.

i also cannot update my virus scanners or anything else like that.

Please help me out if you have any ideas.


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What type of internet connection do you have and who is your ISP?

You might also want to try running Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware SE, etc.

its cable, from Rogers. (canada)
We have reviewed the matter concerning this thread and cannot offer assistance when p2p software is involved.

It is against TSF policy to support p2p related issues since p2p is primarily used to exchange pirated media.

Further, the problems described are typically associated with malware that infests systems using p2p software.
This will be a recurring issue as long as p2p software is used, and repair efforts would be a waste of your time, and ours.

We already spend a lot of our time assisting users that learned the hard way before dumping p2p and now need help with damaged systems, cleaning infested systems, preventative measures (malware, spyware, identity theft), all resulting from p2p use.

Should you choose to permanently uninstall the p2p software and like help to clean your system of the malware then you are welcome to ask for assistance in the Security forum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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