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Connection drops every 15-20 min, reconnects instantly - annoying!

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I am an avg gamer, and have an Xbox Live account & also play online games on my PC constantly.

The last month or so, i have been having lots of problems with my internet staying consistent. I get a disconnect every 15-20 minutes for 1 second which causes me to be kicked off my Live acc & have to re sign in every time it happens.

I am here to find out what is causing this problem, possibly my router ? my isp ? my computer ?

PLEASE HELP, im getting really frustrated.

ISP is Rogers & I am from Ontario, Canada.
Router is Lynksys.
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Could be one of many things.
A loose connection somewhere, maybe even a power supply issue.

When playing your Xbox, do you have your pc on at the same time?
are your computers connection settings ok?

Have you spoken to your isp about the issue?

Your profile says you have xp sp2, has this been updated to sp3?
According to one report, there is an issue in sp3 that seems similar to your problem.
check this link
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