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Connecting two Vistas together with crossover cable

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Ok, here's what I'm trying to do:

Connect two laptops together in order to play Direct Cable Connection on Diablo I.

I have an CAT6 crossover cable, and two laptops with vista on them.

I gave vista #1:
I gave vista #2:

They're both under the workgroup :WORKGROUP

They can see each other on the networks, and can ping each other too.

However, when I put the games in, they can't find each other.

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Did you try the network setup wizard? Y/N ? This will give windows more info than if you just assign IPs. Before that i would let the NICs automatically optain IP in properties. for one PC then use that IP and add 1 to last digit example then add 1 to other pc IP and then click start>> my computer>>C:drive (with games) and right click on drive>> go to properties and then>> sharing tab to allow sharing. then click share this folder or drive on the network.(i am using WinXp However and thats what I see) restart to allow changes and try the pings and the games.
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