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connecting two or more networks

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I'm new to this networking business. I'm set up on a network for a LAN that has an internet connection. I have another workstation at my desk that's also on a network, without an internet connection. I would like to tie my PC and the workstation together. The main reason is for an internet connection, and so I can remote desktop in to the other network from my PC. If I can do that with these two networks, there is a third network that I would also like to connect with. My thoughts are to put a switch behind my PC and then connect to the other two networks by connecting into their switches. Is this a correct thought? What kind of switch?

Thanks for any help.

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You need a router to connect different networks
YIKES! Putting a plain switch between networks will create a mess!

We need to know exactly how the networks are configured, but you'll need something more intelligent than a switch, this is usually done with a gateway or router of some kind, again depending on the exact networks involved.
Thanks for the response. Any specific kind of router?
Again, you need to specify EXACTLY what kind of networks we're talking about, and what kind of link you have in mind. Routing traffic between networks has to be done carefully if you don't want to create more problems that you solve. What kind of security implications does this have? What do the networks each look like.

You need to do some serious thinking about this before jumping in with both feet!
Thanks again for replying. Here's what I have. I work for a Security company that has cameras, monitors, and DVRs on one network, I'll call it "DVR". There is another network that controls "door access". There is a third network that this PC is on that is a data share and email network, w/internet. I have two work stations at my desk, this one and the camera/DVR one. I would like to be able to hook the DVR network up to my connection w/internet. The door access network is located in another room. These all need to be secure. Each of these networks have multiple users. I don't want any of the other users to see each other, but I want to be able to work on each of the networks.

My thought was to have a router, swicth, or other device, that would bring in the internet to the DVR network, along with my PC network, and then I could bring the door access to my PC as well, at least I could remote access this PC, right now I can't even do that.

The reason for all of this is to get the DVR network internet access. I only have one internet access available, and it would be nice to route that to both PCs. Then I want to be able to remote into the door access PC, located on its own network. There is a router that has a port available to connect to, I'll need something on my end to do all three things.

Thanks for the help. I'll need to order the device, so any info on type, style, or specs would be helpful.
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