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Connecting a Wired Pc to a wireless Laptop

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Hi, Wondering if i can get some advice.

At home i have a desktop Pc connected to the internet via ethernet, to a bt homehub, on the same homehub i also have a laptop connected to it but using the wireless connection. Both pcs are using windows 7.

I`m trying to file share between these 2 computers using a homegroup, but neither recognises another homegroup on their network. Is this because i`m not using the same connection method ( wirelss and wired) ? Even though both connections are going through the same Hub?
I`ve tried renaming the homegroups on both pcs to the same name to see if that helps, but it seems both pcs are on different networks.
Apologies for clear lack of pc intelligence, networking not really my thing :)
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no it has nothing to do with wether they are wired or wireless.

Both computers must be in the same group. so if you create a workgroup called home office both computers should be a member of it. You can do this through ICS which is use you main desktop to connect to the internet and use the laptop to connect to the other computer through its internet connection.

see this link on how to create a workgroup Create a workgroup - Share files and printers across your network - Weekend Project - CNET Reviews
Thank you very much. Sorted it now. Man i hate pcs :)
no problem, glad you have it sorted.
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