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Connecting 10pin ATI AIE s-video to my 4pin TV

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I just got an old computer my friend no longer wanted so I'm setting it up as a media box. It has an ATI all-in-wonder with s-video outs, however the card seems to have 10-pin connectors. Before this I had never even seen anything other than 4-pin connectors. I've been looking around to see if I can find some kind of adapter between the two but so far I've come up empty handed, so I was wondering if anyone else either has their AIE connected to their tv, or knows anything that might help me in the right direction.
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can you post a pic so i know what it looks like..
The AIW card comes with a dongle that includes RCA composite connections for audio and video in addition to an S-Video output port.
If the 10 pin connector is in the shape of an S-video connector, you can just plug the S-video cable right into it and ignore the other holes for pins.
Here's what it looks like:

I don't have any of the original cables that came with the card (I should say my friend doesn't have any of them), so I was wondering what type of cable to search for. I've tried searching for 10-4 pin adapters, but haven't found anything.
It looks like you can plug a standard S-video cable in (this is often the case with 7 and 10 pin connectors), and if it fits, then it will probably work.
It won't fit because of the plastic thing on the 4-pin connectors. Image:

The plastic part runs right into the bottom 3 holes on the 10-pin side. It would work with a 7-pin connector, but not the 10.
Did you ever find the solution ??

I have same problem as well. The sony VMC 15FS has wrong structure of 10 pins, I need
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