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Confused about HDD in laptop

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to install Ubuntu on my laptop, but I was a bit confused when I got to the install screen. When I'm on windows 7 and go to 'My Computer, my laptop states that there are 2 HDDs: 188gb C:/ and a 30gb D:/, which is only occupied by a 1kb 'Lenovo OneKey Recovery' file. Confused, I thought I had 2 HDD's on my laptop and would be able to format D:/ to install Ubuntu on there.

When I got to the install screen on Ubuntu, I was greeted with this:

I have no idea what /dev/sda5 is, but I'm assuming that's what I believe D:/ to be. I got this laptop as a gift from my school, and my school's IT professional apparently tweaked the laptops for me and the other recipients handing them out. From what I understand, the laptop (lenovo g550) came with windows vista, but the IT professional installed windows 7.

After seeing the above dialog on Ubuntu, I decided to go to device manager and found out that my laptop only has one HDD :)frown:), which is a wdc wd2500bevt.

I was planning to install Ubuntu on D:/ so that I could willfully choose when to boot on Ubuntu and leave the default bootup process (windows 7). I've never dealt with partitions, but I'm guessing I'll have to do that to choose between Ubuntu and Windows 7 upon startup, correct?

Also, I'd like to recover the 30gb "D:/" that's reserved for Lenovo's OneKey recovery, as well as the mysterious 15gb windows vista files which I cannot find. Can anyone explain what's going on here and possibly help me with this?

Thank you, TSF :grin:
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