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Hello all,

Is anyone able to help?

I just bought a new X3580 Lexmark printer. It's wifi-optional, but I use USB at the moment. I'm using it from a Toshiba Equium laptop, which is also fairly brand spanking new, with Windows Vista Home Premium.

I'm having a problem in that it seems that if I connect the printer via USB, after a while the connection to my wireless router from the Toshiba cuts out. The little icon in the tray has a yellow warning triangle, admonishing me that I have "limited or no connectivity". Other computers can still access the router.

Attempts to diagnose/repair the connection, or indeed to disconnect and reconnect, have proved useless. This is regardless of whether the printer is still connected or not. The only way I have found so far to sort it out is to restart completely.

OK, so I don't have proof that the printer is the problem, but let's just say that the problem only appeared since I installed the printer.

I tried calling Lexmark, who informed me that since the connection remained live during the five minute duration of our call, during which we printed two test pages, the problem has "been resolved". No, seriously.

Does anyone have any ideas? Very grateful for any help received.

Socky Duck

x-posted as I am not sure where the conflict lies: Windows Vista Support, Laptop Support, Printer Support, Networking Support. Apologies for this!
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