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Configuring BIOS...

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Well my new box is almost done, except for the processor that will be here in a few days. This is the first time I have ever built one so im not really sure whats involved in BIOS setup but im ok with everything else. Is there anything I should be careful in doing when I go about setting it up? I just dont what to mess anything up. I dont even know if I can mess anything up but I am clueless on this part.

Thanks :eat:
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Well I decided I couldnt wait so I tried the processor out of my Dell. When it starts it just says "Disk not ready, system hault". Can anyone tell me what I have to do, im confused :no:
Hey [email protected]

Could you post a list of your hardware? Is everything brand spanking new in this box?
Well after talking to someone this morning I was informed that newer systems dont need to be configured. I was under the impression that they all had to be manually configured at the start. Anyways, I started it up and got a message that said "Disk not ready - System haulting." I figured it had to do with not having an OS so I downloaded an XP boot disk and installed XP Pro. It installed ok and I restarted and got into CMOS to change the boot order back and after it restarted I get the "Disk not ready - System haulting" message again. I checked the CMOS settings and everything looks good but just in case, I reset the CMOS to defaults. However I still get the message and im not sure what to try now.

Intel D850GB mobo [423 PGA, 1.5Ghz CPU with current BIOS, 2.0Ghz with update]
1.3Ghz P4 processor [2.0Ghz P4 arriving soon]
2 128MB PC800 RDRAM with 2 CRIMMs
40GB Western Digital Caviar Hard Drive
52X Lite-On CD Drive
Samsung Floppy Drive
32MB GeForce2MX Graphics Card
2 Linksys 10/100 NICs
Integrated sound

Everything is new and was purchased at except the motherboard. It was refurbished [no visible wear at all] and bought at
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Check the IDE cable that goes from the hard drive to the motherboard to make sure the blue end is on the motherboard and the black end is on the hard drive. Also that the hard drive is connected to the primary IDE channel on the motherboard.

Ahh one more thing! Take all the jumpers off of the hard drive, WD doesn't run with a drive as master with any jumpers on the pins....:D

You are using an 80 wire IDE cable I presume.
If that doesn't work, don't bother with the boot disk that so win95 :winkgrin: All u have to do is boot from the winXP CD. Either set the boot order to boot from CD first, or it should have a button you can push right when it starts up to choose what to boot from. The winXP CD takes care of everything.
Most bios have options that basically said set the safe options or set the fast options. I'd set the safe ones then see how it runs. If its OK, then try the fast settings. Go thru the individual options and set those that you understand.
Well its been a while since I could work on this again but I made some headway tonight.

I have now updated my BIOS to handle the the larger processor but I think I am having another problem now. It could be a component problem but I dont know. My system seems to be freezing. But not all the time, thats the part I dont understand. When I am in the OS it dosen't freeze but if I am in the BIOS setup or DOS it seems to freeze after a minute or so and I can do nothing but reboot. I dont think thats good to do when im in the middle of changing BIOS settings. Could this be an issue cased by the BIOS update? And what should I do if it is?

I updated from BIOS version P12 to P18.

Here is info if someone needs it to give me any reccomendations that I couldnt find.

Thanks for any ideas :)
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