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can anyone help me?

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configuration has occured

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Sometimes when i turn on my computer it says these two things:
1762 configuration has occured
162 configuration has occured

then it says my 20gb hardrive is missing but my 6gb is still there and cdrom to

BUT when i take off the computer for like a half hour then turn it back on it works........for like 15minutes!! then freezes then i restart then same message!!!!!!!!

i updated the bios to like dunno-dunno-2001

can someone help me plz

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O yeah and my computer is


ati radeon 7000 64mb

128mb memory

win 98 and win xp (both freeze)
Sounds like a BIOS problem...Try resetting the BIOS settings or updating the BIOS if that doesn't work.
fox i tried resetting the bios and it still doesnt work and i got latest bios from ibm! and still sometimes doesnt work can anyone help me out it was working fine for like 5 months
What does IBM say about it?
Fox said:
What does IBM say about it?

its not ibm anymore lol

its a fujitsu harddrive 20mb and my new computer cant find the hard drive

anyone have suggestions
Any Luck Yet?

I have had the same problem with my IBM Pentium II-450 when I changed the hard drive. Any luck in figuring it out yet?
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