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Based on advice received in another thread (1) Fastest Method To Transfer/Backup Data To External Drive | Tech Support ( , I am following up with a request for advice regarding multiple drives, and how they should be used.

I am looking at how best to utilise my drives on my Dell Optiplex 3050, with a view to fastest response time (generally) and also the fastest possible way of backing up my data files.

If I had 3 internal drives –

HDD (Toshiba DT01ACA100, 1Tb)

SSD (Crucial CT1000MX500SSD1, 1Tb)

M2(Crucial P5 250GB PCIe M.2 2280SS),

what way would be the most efficient way to configure.

For example:-
  • Should I keep my operating system on a single drive (and if so, which)
  • What would be best configuration for fastest data transfer (Backup of my data files)

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Fastest would be from an internal SSD to another internal SSD.

I'd probably put my OS on the 250GB M.2, programs on the other SSD, then use the HDD for infrequently accessed files.

And then, setup an (automated) offsite backup in case of a disaster like fire, etc..

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