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Computer works in selective locations only

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My friend called me up this morning saying that his computer wont turn on.
The system unit LEDs are on and everything sounds to be working inside but no video output.

So I told him to bring it over to my work place so I could look at it.

When he brought it over I told him to hook it up and turn it on.
It worked without any intervention. I didn't even look at it.

So we assumed that it only needed a breath of fresh air.

He brough it back home and same problem.

I told him to change the location that it was plugged into and same problem.

The thing is I live a good distance from him so I cant go check it out and he needs it for some urgent business. I sthere anyway I could help him remotely??
Any suggestions/assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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Does the computer have on board graphics or a separate graphics card

If a separate graphics card

Take anti static precautions and reseat both the graphics card and memory.

If the graphics is on board
Reset BIOS to defaults. Using the motherboard jumper or simply pop the BIOS battery out for 30 minutes. Press the power on button with the battery out to discharge any power.


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I’d start looking at power/connection issues.

Did he bring his monitor and all cables to your place

Do the wall oulets/surge strip outlets that he plugs into work?

Bent or missing pins in vga connector

That sort of thing. It doesn’t seem likely that anything internal is changing between your place and his
Well his system is working now out of the blue.
was trying to instruct him to reset the bios over the phone but he couldn't locate the jumpers.

His monitor works in other locations with a different computer but I'm not sure of how well the entire system will work outside his home.

I still haven't gotten a chance to inspect it as yet though.

So I still have no idea what caused the problem.

But thanks for the help guys.

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