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Computer wont turn on

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I had a power outage at home and at the moment my computer went off.
After the power came back on, I couldnt turn on the power.
First thing I did was remove the power cord and lookat it. Looked like it melted a bit by the power supply area. So I threw it out.
I then tested the PS, but I didn't get any readyings on the screen.
I then tested my HD on another computer and that works, so is my VGA card and LAN card.
I went out and bought a new PS 500w. I thought that would do the trick, but the computer doesn't turn on.
I don't even see the power lights on the case itself. I took out the power case cable out and pushed it back in just in case, but nothing.
When I moved the power cable to the Motherboard, I hear a flickering sound from the MB, but I can't quite put my finger it on it. I see that the Processor fan wants to go on, but it just flickers as I move the power cord (the ones from the PS itself).
Before I take it to a technician, is there anything else I can try?

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More times than not when the power supply goes it takes the mother
board with it. Next time around it would be a good idea to use a ups.
Uninteruptible power supply. This works far better then a surge protecter,
and may very well have saved you on this situation.
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