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Computer Wont Turn On! Help!

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So I had this problem a few weeks ago, but then it went away. I turn on my computer and the fans go on, hard drives start up, but the screen is blank. I have an ASUS p4P800s motherboard w/ a P4 2.8ghz processor, 1.5gb RAM, ATI Radeon X1650 512mb video card. My video card is fine and my monitor is as well. Finally after a few tries, my computer booted up like normal. Yesterday it started again, and I smelled an electrical burning smell from my PSU. Today I went and bought a new PSU and put it in and the same thing is still happening. I think it might be the motherboard because everything has power but it seems as if the motherboard is not getting anything to start up. I cant open a CD drive, the lights dont come on for the CD drives or floppy, and I can feel/hear the HD's spinning. The mouse doesn't light up and there are no lights on the keyboard either like there should be when the computer starts into BIOS and whatnot. Do you think it is the motherboard that could be bad, I dont think it is under warranty anymore so that would mean a replacement (pain!). Any suggestions would be great! Thanks guys.
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what power supply did you buy
the cd drive should open and close the power goes to it direct from the power supply
disconnect it and see if it boots
the psu could have taken just about anything else with it when it went
Thanks for the reply! The new power supply I have is a Rhine Panther 450W. I unpluggged the CD/DVD drives from the IDE cables and turned the machine on again, no boot up, but the drives can open and close like they should. This gives me even more reason to believe that there is a problem with my mobo?!? I also checked the RAM, took both sticks out and put each one in individually, still no help. I'm confused!
raidmax psu's are low quality and not recommended
when i was running the system you are running i was running a 550w antec psu
try borrowing a better psu to try in it
I tried to put another high quality PSU from another computer and it still doesnt work. The PSU that I had in the computer before the new one was even worse, only 300W. I am currently trying to contact ASUS to see if this mobo is under warranty to get an RMA. Is there anything else I can do to try and figure things out...?
take the m/b out and check for any sign of damage or leaking or swollen capacitors
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