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computer wont turn on at all

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Well if you read my other post I couldn't get the OS started, now the computer itself wont start.

Just when I thought It couldn't get worse it did. My PC won't turn on at all now. I didn't do anything, I went downstairs for a half an hour or so and it was off, I try to start it and nothing. I've done the typical outlet check and plugging the cord back in and stuff but nothing. :dead:
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So how's your day been so far?

If you try to turn it on if you don't see any lights come on or hear fan or the HD start up then

1/ is the plug outlet supplying power ie is something else working from that plug?

2/ check the fuse in the PC power chord plug

3/ if no joy the power supply, supplying the motherboard needs to be checked with a multimeter.

When it rains it **** pours.
thanks for the reply bonk. I noticed something else this time (I took it downstairs and plugged it in) The first time I plug it in and try to power up the light goes on for a second. And where is the fuse you were talking about?
If it tries to come on for a split second,it's not the fuse in the plug head that plugs into the wall.

This problem may be unrelated to the other one...well knowing your luck.

It's process of elimination so now we know the fuse is working then next is the power supply in the PC's tower(case) which can only be check by a multimeter or if you have another old power supply you can try.
Well I tried a different power cord and it did the same thing, I'm not sure what a multimeter is...we have something that tests wall outlets but I doubt thats the same thing. My guess than would be that its the power supply, which I just cant figure out. Its a 450 watt power supply and the computer wasnt doing anything as you know. I've had on for a lot longer and have been playing a game or editing etc. Do you think it could be some sort of virus? I have virus and spyware protection and firewall, the whole lot. I also run my virus scanner often although it hasnt been run in a few days.

edit: I also looked inside to see if I could see visible damage like a fryed motherboard and I didnt see anything out of the ordinary.
yes the could be a virus about your other problem before but this problem is something different I think. Like I said it's step by step. I'm not saying the power unit in the PC is faulty...just that's the next logical step that is to see if the motherboard is getting power...if the motherboard is getting power then we move onto the next step.
multimeter only is a meter that can measure AC volts and DC volts because we need DC volts becuase that is what your transformer in your power supply in the PC does to feed the board.
Alright I'm gonna go get my tester, but your gonna have to explain how to use it. :sayyes:
I just going to tell you how to do I'm not telling to do that's up to you.
Turn the meter to DC volts.
unplug your PC open your pc up and on the motherboard there should a large white connector rectangle shape with wires coming from your power have to unclip the clip on the side to release it,be very carefull while your in there take your time.Once you have it unclipped find a black wire anyone will do and put one lead from your meter probably black into it the clip so it connects now find the yellow wire and do the same but with the red meter it somewhere you can see it and plug the main power in and see what it reads..let it settle it should read about 12,it can be less or more.unplug the PC again do the same thing but change the red meter lead for the red wire in the clip,it should read 5, it can be less or more.
If the read ok then your power supply is alright.
when I have the computer plugged in do I have to press the on button?
Well some bad news, I couldn't find my multimeter, I thought I new where it was but I dont know. Is there anything else I could try before I eventualy find it or buy a new one.
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