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Hello. My computer of about 10 years finally kicked the bucket. I wasn't too surprised because it started making awful noises. (There's a few issues in here, so buckle up.)

It sounded like fizzy static when I'd turn it on. Nearly constant. If I was lucky, after a few off and on's, I could get it to start without the noise, or it would get quieter as it ran. But not often.

Then today, it stopped while starting up. Tried re-plugging everything and still nothing. Soon after, I could smell something burning a little. When I had it open to try dusting, the smell was definitely from the power supply. So I assume that fried after such a long time of use.

Thing is, I plugged in my spare computer and I'm unfamiliar with the noises it makes normally. But this one is making a bit similar of a fizzy, scratchy noise on occasion. Not nearly as much. But is there any possibility of my outlet or power cable frying out my computer if either of them are faulty? I mean, this computer started up just fine so it's not like either of those fried with it; however this is like, a 200w supply (or less) compared to my main's 400w. (Otherwise I assume that's the hard drive's normal-use noise, on this one.)

Before all this, my main computer also wouldn't wake up from sleep mode and would start up again saying "Windows shut down incorrectly." (I had the hybrid-sleep hibernate thing turned off since It ran so slow when resuming windows, I had to restart anyway.)

Another thing, is sometimes it sounded like a lawnmower when it would start up. I think a fan wasn't too happy to be running, but I wasn't sure which of the 3 it was. This noise was LOUD but only occasionally happened, and needed a full off-on or two to fix.

So with all that in mind, Do I just need to replace the power supply? Has anything else failed? Do you think it shorted the other parts? Does the noise on my spare PC mean the outlet or power cable are defective now (If that's even such a possibility?)

The only other troubleshooting I can think to try on my old (main) PC is I think there's a little switch that changed the voltage of the power supply? And I could see if it turns on with that? As it stands though, there is absolutely no activity from the computer when I hit the power button.

I'm a bit nooby with computers but I know all the parts inside it and whatnot, but not too familiar with fancier troubleshooting methods. Since it's fried I can't grab the exact specs but:

Custom PC from ibuypower (Built around 2013?):
Win 7 64-bit
AMD Processor (6-core, MAYBE FX 6300?)
AMD Radeon (R7 200 series?)
400w Power Supply
Adata 8gb RAM (2 4GB cards.)
1TB Hard drive
Gigabyte Motherboard

(Spare PC specs if necessary: HP Pavilion p6 series 2126s, Win 10, 250GB hard drive)

I have like actually 0 dollars to my name so I'm looking to not blow money on PC repair places or on a new supply if that's not the issue. Since other parts might be starting to go too, I might just try a payment plan on a fully new one if that's more worth it. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hi first thing you need to do is check the outlet make sure you have 120 volts and a good ground. The switch on the power supply is for 120 or 240 you should be using 120 as your in the states. Sure sounds like power supply is dead. It also could of taken out other components in computer when it went out.
Unfortunately, I don't have a meter to check the outlet currently, but I'll look into it. The switch on the back says 115 and 230; Which I had at 115.

Another question though while I'm at it, I know I should have it in some kind of surge protector instead of the wall. However I'm just using a cheap little thing to plug all my accessories into. Do I need a fancier protector, or is it ok to plug my PC, monitors, and everything else into one protector? I think it says 1800w is ok on the back, but I don't want to overload it or anything, and make sure my PC is getting all the power it needs.
Thanks for the reply!

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Wanted to update that a new battery fixed it!

Things I learned:
Fizzy static noises that are constant are a good sign the power supply is going out.
If you PC stops mid startup or shuts off and won't come back on, check for a smell like something burned out. The smell was my main way of diagnosis lol.
Purchasing from local retail, they may offer returns even if item is unboxed which is nice incase you're not sure the power supply is the issue.
Installation wasn't as hard as I thought!
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