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Computer won't start now, dodgy ram?

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From a different website forum who gave no answer!

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My Specs; Athlon Xp1500, 128mb DDR ram, 40Gb Seagate barracuda 4 (i think!), Abit KG7-Raid Motherboard, 300w PSU, Liteonit 40x48x12, ATI allinwonder128 16mb.

Hi, I had a computer (which I built) working perfectly until I started messing with partition magic. To cut a long story short, I decided that I would backup my important stuff and then repartition with FDISK, then reinstall windows Xp. I did this and there was no problem. Then, when I installed the Black and White game, and played on it for a while, the computer suddenly restarted by itself. It carried on doing this, even when I wasn't on that game. I then worked out that the computer blue screened when I did the dxdiag "test direct3d", so I disabled direct3d accelaration. Anyway, I then couldn't rip cds, so I decided to make my Slave cd/rw drive the master, and the master cd drive the slave.(as FreeRip Mp3 only recognises the master) this didn't work either, so I changed them back, and it booted up with the mouse and keyboard not working. I restarted, and then they did work. On the next restart, the computer displayes a weird message about the floppy drive, and doesn't boot. I restart and realise that it isn't detecting the hard drive etc in the power on check. When I reboot again, I just get a 2 or 3 second beep, repeated after 1 second. This is all I could get out of it, even when I unplugged both cd drives, all the pci cards and the agp graphics card and plugged in a replacement pci graphics card and replacement hard drive. If I unplug the ram, I get a different type of beep, but still no response on screen. I am going to try a different stick of ram when I can get hold of it on tuesday. Resetting the cmos jumper did nothing either.
I have not recently fitted any new hardware(except the cd/rw drive which has been in for a few months working fine. I haven't updated the bios recently. I had just installed the Antivirus prog (AVG antivirus free edition) but hadn't had a chance to do a scan.
(p.s. Sorry it's so long!)

Mesage 2;
Hi, well I can't get the comp to even display anything on the screen yet, so I will have to get a virus thingy on disk. The cooling is advertised as sufficiant for an xp1900 I think. Its had been running at about 37degrees, but I think that the game pumped up the temp to about 45 degrees. I hope that the cpu ain't burned out! The fans (both case and cpu) still spin when I turn on...The graphics card doesn't have one, but if I replaced the card, surrely that would fix the problem?

Message 3;
I have just read in the manual " don't plug atapi devices into the raid card " but I don't have a raid card, only 4 ide ports , 2 of which support raid due to a highpoint chipset. This is what I plugged the cd/rw into after I read that copying cds is quicker when both devices are on different ide ports. Is this what has made my comp go weird? As I did this on the same day that the comp went weird. Has it damaged the motherboard? Also, the beeping is the same as when I hadn't fitted my graphics card properly when I was building my computer first time, but the graphics card is now properly seated, and the comp beeps with a replacement one in as well, so it can't be that

Please can YOU help me?
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Welcome to Tech Support Forums innus...........:D

You didn't mention your OS in your post.

This is what you should do!

Set your hard drive jumper to Master. And plug it into the IDE 3 connector on the mother board.

Set your both of your CD-Rom jumpers to master and put 1 on IDE 1 and put the other on IDE 2.

When you post your OS then we will carry on from there.
My op is WinXP prof, but if I can't boot the comp at all, not even display anything on screen, how can it help? Anyway, i'll go and try that now... thanks!:D
Ok, it didn't work. Still Beep, Beep, Beep. I don't think it even get round to checking the ide ports before it freezes.
Try taking out the ram and reseating it or them!
When I took the ram out, I got a different type of beep. when I put it back in, i got the old beep again
Sounds like hardware failure of some sort for sure.

Try this, Disconnect all the hard drives and CD Roms, Take the cables right out of the machine.

Disconnect the floppy too.

Pull all the power connections from these drives as well.

Take out any cards like sound and modem and such just leave the video card.

So what you should have is the CPU, Heatsink and fan.

Ram and video card.

See what happens with this.

If it still doesn't give you spome sort of video write down the beep code the way you hear them then post back.
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the motherboard is abit kg7-raid
the beep is a 2 second beep, followed by 1 second silence, repeated....:confused:
Thanks for help!
I'm going to be able to try new ram tommorrow
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