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Computer won't detect my video card

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I bought a GeForce 9800 GX2 XT a few weeks ago. It would not fit in my old case, and I needed a new power supply.
I bought a new TX750 watt power supply. nVidia said that was powerful enough to power two of my video cards if I decide to SLI, which I have planned in the future.
I moved the motherboard and all to the new case and installed the new video card (on XP). The computer came on and everything looks fine.
My monitor is connected to my onboard video card right now. If I connect it to the 9800, the monitor doesn't come on. I attempted to install the 9800 driver (nVidia 266.58), but it said the "Install cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible hardware." And when I go to nVidia's website, I tried to auto-detect my drivers, and it doesn't find my 9800.
The video card is on (lights on, fans running).
My old graphics card was a nVidia 7100GS if it matters.
I don't think its a cable problem because my DVI works fine onboard, but not on the 9800 (the monitor won't come on).
My old video card works fine in the PCI-e slot. Wouldn't that mean the motherboard is OK?
My board is an Asus M4A78 PRO.
What should I try next?
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do you get a screen in safe mode

for sli i would be at a min of 850w
I just tried booting in safe mode and it didn't work.
When I plug the monitor into the video card (as opposed to onboard) the blue light comes on and it says "Check signal cable". If nothing is plugged in the light turns orange and says "Power saving mode".
It seems to know its connected to a monitor.
Check to make sure that the card is in the connector on the board completely.
Have you connected the powersupply directly to the 9800?
You might to review the installation instructions at the site below and use it as a checklist to make sure you did not omitt any steps when installing your video card:

Also, can you try the card in another system to verify that it is working?
I just removed the card and put it back in to make sure it is seated properly and still no luck.
The video card has two spots to connect to the power supply, a 2x3 and a 2x4. I connected both of these. Was that correct?
Also, rockyjohn, can you post the checklist so I can take a look?
Yes, sorry it did not take the first time:

How to Install Video Card Upgrades
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