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Computer wont connect

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My computer has had problems with connecting to the internet since my bro came back from college and hooked it up to the router. The internet would work but it would drop out sometimes after he left and i had to plug it back into the modem it wont connect to the internet anymore. When i run the install disk from my isp it says i dont have a nic card even though it shows my nic as connected in the taskbar. I tried installing a new nic card and that wont work either anyone know what the problem is?
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Perhaps you could start by telling us the type of broadband account, the make/model of the modem and router, the version/patch level of Windows, and exactly what the symptoms are for starters.

You do realize that you have to power cycle the modem if you change the device connected to it, right?
the broadband service is roadrunner uhh the cable modem they gave us is a toshiba PCX1100U, Im using wondows xp corporate and i dont think i have any service packs downloaded for it I know it doesnt have SP2 installed. The computer will recognize when the cat5 is pluged in or uplugged but wont connect to the internet at all. when i try to run the disk that came with the modem it says that there isnt a NIC card installed. Also if you plug the cable into the ethernet port built into the motherboard the computer wont recognize it as plugged in.
OK, you need to fix the NIC, look in Device Manager, my guess is it's either missing, or has an error code associated with it. If it's missing, you have a bad NIC or it's configured in the BIOS to be disabled. If it has an error code, it's either defective, or more likely the drivers need to be properly installed.

I also wouldn't connect to the internet without upgrading your service patches and installing some sort of firewall. What corporate license is this?
you were right. I forgot to power off the modem after switching the plug. I cant believe i forgot to do that. That stupid road runner cd was throwing me off saying i didnt have a NIC

thanks for your help
An easy problem is nice now and then, breaks the tension. :grin:
alright. well i went of to college this weekend and when i hooked up my computer and plugged in the cable the computer said that it was still unplugged i think i just may have bought the wrong cable or gotten a bum cable im going to try the one from my house to see
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