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Computer won't boot up after normal shutdown

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Hi, I've been having this problem for a while now but it has been getting worse.
When I don't use my computer for some hours, overnight for example, it normally starts up well. However if I shut it down or put it to sleep and want to turn it back on immediately after it does not boot.
All the lights are on, the fans are spinning, but I just get a black screen, no BIOS screen, no beeps from the computer, nothing.
I've been reading about this and testing some things.
Things I've done:
Checked all the connections on the mother board;
Lights are on on the mother board (so it's getting power);
Lights are on on the graphics card (same);
Removed components like the graphics card and RAM (each slot one by one / tested different RAM sticks in different slots);
Disconnected DVD drive;
Connected the HDD to a different SATA port.

However the only sollution I've found so far is waiting it out.
What do you think this could be? Is the PSU about to bite the dust?
Could it be the HDD with the OS failing? (This hard drive was in my previous computer, it's been working for some 8 years now.)

Any ideas on how to find the root of this problem would be greatly apreciated.

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Hi jorgeski......welcome to TSF.

We need more information in order for our staff to be of any help. I'll get you started to save some time.

Is the machine a box unit or custom build?? If its a box unit (standard build from a company like Dell, HP, etc.) we need the make and model number. If custom we need a list of all components.....motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram, hdd, psu, etc. In other words we need the complete build sheet of all parts and the OEM part numbers.
I've moved this thread to a different area. The staff can look at the hardware list and make suggestions in regard to getting your rig up and running as it should.
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