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Computer Will Not Start

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Basically, I had an old mobo, and am replacing it with a newer one. But when I plug it in with everything connected it starts for about...1 1/2 seconds then shuts off. When I unplug EVERYTHING from it it still does the same thing. I replaced the battery as well thinking that was the problem but that wasnt it. So I took it out of the case and plugged it in. Now what happens is it will turn on. The fan will start for, again, about 1 1/2 seconds then shuts off...then turns on again...then shuts off.
Please help.
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Heh I take it its an uncommon issue?
I had the same thing happen on two new builds that I made. Same case model, same motherboard model.

I did everything to figure this out, and finally I just hit the power button 3 or 4 times out of frustration and held it in for a several seconds. And it started.
Did the same exact same thing on both builds.

Motherboard companies got stung with bad caps a few years back.
Maybe there's another component they commonly use that had a bad batch.


Anyway, that's what worked for me.
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it would help if you posted what m/b it is
Have you tried swapping your PSU out?
You could have a bad PSU.
Its not the PSU
The mobo is a Intel® Desktop Board DG965WH
This is the link
Ive figured it out, got it started works installed Windows etc. Now I have a strange problem. I have 4 sticks of 1gb ram. Al the same speed make etc. I can install 3 no problem but when I put all 4 in my monitor wont turn on. Does my PS just not have enough juice?
check the voltage range it runs in at the ram makers site
you may need to raise the voltage as some m/b's default voltage is to low
you need to run win 64x to take advantage of 4g
Yea I was aware that I would need a 64bit OS tfor it to actually read 4gb as opposed to 3.25. But thank you. That helps alot. =D
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