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Computer will not come on

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okay this is the story. My computer for so reason was telling me a hardware was loose so i took everything so then i saw all the dust so i you a barbar brush they get the hair off your neck with to get the dust off the mother and stuff. so i but every thing back where it goes and now the power supply will not cut on i hit the trip switch both ways no fan rotation or nothing and the mother board is a p5n32 sli se deluxe. and the outlet works and it was working just fine before i unplugged everything
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PC Specs?
Pre-Built Brand & Model Number
Custom Built-Brand & Model of Mobo-CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU
Are yo certain you have all the required connections properly connected and allof the cards seated correctly?
the only thing i can give you is the model number of my mobo which i gave if a 3.2 dual core its a 650 watt powersupply i can't cut on the pc to get the rest
We need to know what we're working with to offer reliable information to help resolve your problems.
Brand & Model of CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU.
You can identify the PSU by looking at the label attached to it. That label will have the Brand Name & Model Number.
The RAM can be determined by counting the sticks and identified by removing and the stick(s) and looking at the label.
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