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computer turns off by itself every 10-30 minutes

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i need help i don't really know alot about computers, but my computer always turns off every 10 minutes when im playing games like starcraft or warcraft 3 i think my computer runs on windows XP can anyone help me out?
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It could be that it is overheating, when was the last time that you cleaned it out? Do you know what the hardware specs are (processor, RAM, Power supply)?
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The system may be overheating, open the side of the case and use some canned air to blow out the dust bunnies.
Possible the video card overheating too, do you know your computer specs? Could you please post them?
when you say clean it out you mean like do that thing where you put those cd's in the computer and deletes everything and stuff like that i did that like yesterday and i dont know about processor, ram or power supply is
ok i think i figured out how much ram i have it says
Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Services Pack 1

and then says
Manufactured and supported by:
Acer Incorporated
Celeron(R) CPU 2.80GHz
2.79 GHz
248mb of RAM
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What we mean by cleaning it is turning the computer off. Open the computer case and take a can of air and blow out all the dust on the inside. And from that RAM setting it looks like you have 256 MB of RAM some of which is being used by your video card.
so you think it will help if i clean it out? ill try it but can't right now got no can air and i don't live close to town =(
Memehoko, I have the same problem as you.

I read this thread and went out and bought a can of air for 5$ and Sprayed out all of the dust inside of my computer (be sure when you do it to always be touching the metal casing of your computer so you don't mess up any components with static) and inside of the fan.

There was A LOT of dust inside of the fan which I think was the problem, I am going to run my game now, I will tell you if it worked or not, if it does it should work for you too :).
If cleaning out the dust doesn't work, run a MemTest86 (freeware) to test your RAM for errors (what little RAM you have!). This program runs offline - not from the desktop. Download an ISO file of MemTest86 then burn a DVD with ImgBurn (freeware). Restart, change your boot order to CD, and let the program run.

Once your fix that, then I'd create a restore point and upgrade to SP3. Make sure SP3 can run on 256 RAM first. Not sure about that.
Make sure you clean all the fans, especially the cpu fan. Try to clean the fins out of the heatsink also.
i cleaned out all the fans that i can, now my computer doesn't turn off anymore :D
But it doesn't shut down by itself right?

Do you mean the power button doesn't work, or the shutdown command doesn't work?

Open it back up and check to see if there are any loose cables, particular the little colored twisted ones, some of those go to your power button.
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