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computer turn off but not on

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my problem is that my computer turn himself off, usually at night (few hours after no one touch it), but even worse, after it i cant turn it on.
pushing his power button do nothing, only if i'm tring to move it (maby turn it on the side) the pushbutton returns to life.


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Hi, welcome to TSF!

Sounds like you are not "turning it off. just leaving it on and doing nothing does NOT turn it off. Only if you manually force quite(not recommended) or click the shut down button in the start menu.

It is desighned that if you leave it along time on. then it will go into sleep-and that is a blank black screen(It looks like it is off). and movement of the mouse can wake it up.

P.S. I recommend shutting it down. If it has been in sleep, and not shut down for x amount of days or week, even in sleep, it could be severly DANGEROUSE.

also, the reason the power button is doing nothing is because, to turn it of that way, you have to hold it down for 10 seconds.
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