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computer takes longtime to open...

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lately i have a problem with my pc... when i turn it on it stops for a long time right after the hdd detections, when it says "Auto detecting USB Mass Storage Device"... it waits for a while then beeps in a annoying way (like something is wrong) then like usual the windows opening screen appears then it waits again on blackscreen right before windows suppose to open... after a bit of waiting it opens and everything seems normal.. What seems to be the problem?

I'm not sure if this is the right section to ask this but i hope someone can try to help me. Thanks in advance.
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if you unplug the USB drive / does it still take a long time to boot up ????


try performing a chkdsk on the hdd. when you get to your computer open up my computer and then right click on the hdd -> click on properties -> click tools ->click on "check now" on the error check section.

then check "automatically fix errors" and then reboot the computer. then the computer should perform the chkdsk on your hdd. then see if it fixes the boot problem.
thanks for the replies and sorry for the late answer, i just wanted to clean the computer from all the viruses and trojans before working on this problem.. thanks to TSF Security team now i have a clean computer..

linderman: yes when i unplug the printer and webcam it doesnt even check for USB mass storage device, and before unplugging them i checked Device manager in windows and saw an error on USB mass storage device. Now while unplugged theres not even a thing called USB mass storage device. So i'm kinda confused..

My printer was plugged to one of the onboard usb ports of the motherboard while my webcam is on the cabines usb port (front of the cabinet).

before doing chkdsk, i will try some different plugging to see if it would work properly while plugged...

thanks in advance.
ok right now as plugged it doesnt freeze while booting but it gives that annoying beeping and after the windows loading screen it waits for a while like a minute (which it doesn't while they are unplugged). So either something is wrong or its just a bad idea using usb :) .

**Edit** As it is at the moment the "USB mass storage device" is back on the device manager in windows without any error this time. **Edit**

guess i will do chkdsk now and see how it goes.

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