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Computer takes long to boot, then works fine

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I recently moved all the components of a friend's case into a Thermaltake Armor jr.

Now, when I start it up, the black post screen shows, then it shows black screen for a minute or so, and then windows loads normally.

The boot order is set to the windows HD first (there is only 1 hd)
Everything else on the computer (actual windows start up, all applications, etc.. ) all work fine.

2GB DDR2 6400 Ram
Windows XP SP2
80gb 7200RPM hard drive

Anyone have any ideas?

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Check to see if everything is connected back as it should be. It sounds like the hard drive is not communicating with the motherboard well. Is it on IDE1 (or 0) and hd on plugged into the end of the cord. Plugged in upside right?
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