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Hi Steven,

Until the pros here start answering you with more in-depth stuff that I don't know any thing about here are some things you can try.

The smaller the hard drive the more they can effect your system's performance SO:

1.) Empty your Recycle Bin as often as possible.
2.) Clear your Temporary Internet Folders often.
3.) The same for the "Cookies" folder & the History Folders.
The above items can be done very quickly from "Internet Options" in the Control Pane.

Last but not least, Defrag your hard drive OFTEN.

I have a 20 gig HD and do mine every other night - with a half full 3.3 gig you might want to think about doing yours every night.

If your not doing these things and doing them often you'll be surprised at how much better your system will preform.

:D :D :D

P.S. Like I said the Pros will be soon with more ideas.
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