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I am a newbie, but my computer after running on the internet for about 2-3 hours, the mouse beings to slow down, I checked the system monitor the kernel:processor usage is between 95%-100%, my rambooster monitor show my CPU usage 98%-100%.
I begin closing all of my windows, but the computer continues to be slow, I have no choice but to shut down the computer and restart.
Then after my computer restarts, everything is back to normal, CPU usage 15%-25% up and down depending on what I am doing, the mouse has returned to it normal self.
What happened? What is the cause? Can it be prevented in the future?

HP Pavilion
AMD 333 Mhz
256 Meg Ram
4.3 Gig hard drive, with 2 gig of free space
Windows 98 version 2
McAfee Virus scan updated weekly
AT&T cable modem for the internet.

Thanks for your help and assistance.
Steven, newbie

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Hi Steven,

Until the pros here start answering you with more in-depth stuff that I don't know any thing about here are some things you can try.

The smaller the hard drive the more they can effect your system's performance SO:

1.) Empty your Recycle Bin as often as possible.
2.) Clear your Temporary Internet Folders often.
3.) The same for the "Cookies" folder & the History Folders.
The above items can be done very quickly from "Internet Options" in the Control Pane.

Last but not least, Defrag your hard drive OFTEN.

I have a 20 gig HD and do mine every other night - with a half full 3.3 gig you might want to think about doing yours every night.

If your not doing these things and doing them often you'll be surprised at how much better your system will preform.

:D :D :D

P.S. Like I said the Pros will be soon with more ideas.

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I would not consider my self a pro but I have some other suggestions for you.

1. Are you running alot of those instant messager programs.

2. Clear you cache often as well.

3. When you sure do you have any other programs running anytime or just the internet. Some time the system maybe running some of the system utillies in the background.

That is all I can think of right now.

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Thanks for your suggestions

Speedo and der robe:
Thanks for the suggestions, you are correct, I now noticed that the computer slows down more often after my daughter has used the yahoo instant messenger, etc. But I do delete the icon from the system icon tray, logoff, and exit. Maybe it will be better if I told her to use her own computer.
Thanks again, for the info
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