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Dell Optiplex 740
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+
989 MGz, 2GB RAM
35GB free hard drive space

I have read “Please read the information before you send threads to the security forum..”

Hello everyone, I need some help please. I am on a work computer, on a network. I have many rights, but not full admin rights. IT does not have the time, nor the skill to help me out. My problem is related to memory. Most of what I do is laggy between mouse click and actual execution, no matter the program (be it IE or ArcView). The biggest hint to the problem is that when I look at windows task manager, a couple dozen programs are running over 30,000k in the “mem usage” column. This should not be, and has not always been. For example, yesterday I did some windows updates (not SP3, I’ve had that since release) and only a very few programs where running over 30,000k, most under 10,000k (I created a restore point while it was running good, which it did until I restarted it today). My computer has spysweeper and rtvscan. I have done microtrend’s online virus scanner. So I am confident that my system is clean of bugs. It is defragged and error checked. At the moment, without any big programs running, my RAM usage is 866 of 2046 available (statbar), which is normal. This has been going on for a couple months.

Thank you in advance for any advice!


Here is a list of all of the current running processes and their memory usage (via Sysinternals Process Explorer):

Process Virtual Size
System Idle Process 0 K
Interrupts 0 K
DPCs 0 K
System 1,872 K
explorer.exe 100,688 K
CLI.exe 119,868 K
HPDeviceHost.exe 121,924 K
svchost.exe 128,372 K
PowerMate.exe 129,572 K
CLI.exe 138,476 K
wdfmgr.exe 14,804 K
CLI.exe 142,776 K
ati2evxx.exe 20,064 K
Rtvscan.exe 202,336 K
AsfIpMon.exe 23,424 K
HPDeviceService.exe 24,080 K
mDNSResponder.exe 24,852 K
hpwuSchd2.exe 25,708 K
iexplore.exe 267,832 K
DefWatch.exe 27,080 K
svchost.exe 27,536 K
svchost.exe 27,544 K
jusched.exe 27,992 K
XMouseButtonControl.exe 28,512 K
winvnc4.exe 29,640 K
KatMouse.exe 29,940 K
smss.exe 3,796 K
services.exe 30,392 K
svchost.exe 30,712 K
taskmgr.exe 33,192 K
GoogleUpdaterService.exe 34,644 K
SavRoam.exe 36,588 K
wmiprvse.exe 37,136 K
ctfmon.exe 38,016 K
svchost.exe 38,352 K
Wuser32.exe 38,476 K
svchost.exe 38,648 K
wmiprvse.exe 39,152 K
csrss.exe 42,220 K
stsystra.exe 43,288 K
ccEvtMgr.exe 43,716 K
lsass.exe 43,996 K
rundll32.exe 44,948 K
ccSetMgr.exe 45,068 K
ccApp.exe 46,376 K
VPTray.exe 47,068 K
winlogon.exe 58,408 K
StatBar.exe 60,916 K
svchost.exe 62,728 K
CommAgent.exe 65,136 K
spoolsv.exe 65,280 K
CcmExec.exe 72,024 K
procexp.exe 80,736 K
thunderbird.exe 84,744 K

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I should probably note that aside from general laggyness and program execution time, there are not any other problems that I have found. I have not added any new hardware.

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also I should note that even when something is taking forever to open/close/do something that my ram does NOT shoot up. That and my cursor does not get laggy.

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Two ways, manually by going to START -> RUN -> type in %temp% and delete everything it will let you (then restart or use a ram defragger),
Download CCleaner ( because it can do that and a bit more. I did CCleaner second and noticed even more of an improvement.

FYI, my temp folder was over 11GB large with over 8,000 files in it...

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Ok, Thanks I really appreciate the info. But please help me understand something. I used ccleaner for a while with success, but a few months ago I used it and it screwed my computer up and I ended up having to do a system restore so since then I've been pretty cautious about using it. Any idea what ccleaner did?

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Well, this is only a guess, but did you use it to clean up your registry? I have read many conflicting opinions about registry cleaners so I avoid them... Other than that, you could simply unselect all of the options except the ones that refer to temporary files, you should be really safe then. And it's nice because it saves your preferences.
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