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computer shuts down randomly

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During a power outage, my computer shut down
When I turned it on, I got a message saying it was shut down because some drivers were not installed properly and it was shut down to prevent damage.
I restored to the last known good condition and it works for awhile. It shuts down again and I get the message again. Any Ideas?
Thanks, Billbillie
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Download and run this application: BSOD_XP_v1.3_jcgriff2_PROD.exe.
Once it has finished running zip the folder TSF_XP_Support which can be found in your Documents folder.
Attach the zipped file to your next post.

Maybe then we can see why it is shutting down.
Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. Are there any devices with yellow marks? If so these devices need to have drivers installed for them. If your computer is a name brand (HP, Dell, Gateway etc) you can go to the manufacturers support/download drivers page, type in your make and model and it will take you to the page where you can download the drivers for your model. If there are no yellow marks attache the program AlbertMC2 suggested and post the attachment
Sorry Guys,
My Dell xps8100 using Windows 7 Professional just gave up the ghost and crashed. Dell could not fix it via phone. They are send a service technician to fix it. I will try to remember to let you know what the problem was.

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