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Computer restarts & winlogon error

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My computer restarts all by it self for no reasion all & sometimes when loading I get a winlogon.exe error then the computer restarts. When I get the winlogon error
that restarts the computer get this error at least 3 time before the computer will fully load. I think the computer restarts be the fan on the video card does not
work and the fan on the mother does goes really so the computer might be over heating. Something elese that might cause the computer to reset is when I have mirc
open and I try to do anything elese it rests my computer but if I am not using it I have to be doing alot to have it reset. I have two cd roms two hard drives &
two sound cards in my computer. What do you guys think could cause it to reset and what could cause the winlogon.exe error.
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Welcome DJboutit...............:D

The first thing I would do is replace those fans.

How about a list of your hardware and the OS you are using.
I have to agree on the fans! Good grief, fix the obvious problems before you go looking for other solutions! :rolleyes:
amd 1ghz 256mb ram and win2000
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