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When I'm in a full screen game (including borderless), my computer randomly restarts - there is no blue screen, the screen goes black as it just restarts itself. It started about 2 weeks ago and specifically happens in a full screen game, eg. CSGO, Valorant, No Man's Sky. I have reproduced this with Firestrike with the HWinfo logs below.

Sometimes it crashes within the first 10mins, sometimes after 30 mins, almost certainly within 2 hours. I can't seem to find any pattern in the crashing, only that it happens in full screen games (borderless window also crashes it).

Some games installed on an SSD and some on a HDD, restarts regardless. PSU stress test load is +160 Watts, in-game upon crash seems to be only +60 Watts, if even that.
Swapped RAM in and out, crash restarts regardless of which RAM stick is in.
  • Temperatures are all fine (CPU, GPU, Mobo)
  • Stress test on CPU, GPU, RAM, disks (simultaneously) don't cause any crashes using AIDA64
  • No viruses
  • Reseated all the components and added new thermal paste to the CPU
  • Drivers are up to date, also clean installed GPU driver and audio drivers
  • Reset file page
  • No issues from Windows memory check
  • Reset the BIOS, only changed RAM clocks to 3000
  • Reset Windows

I have reproduced the restart while running 3DMark Firestrike DX 11 and have attached the HWinfo sensor logs.
It specifically crashes each and every time on the full screen Firestrike loading bar @ ~90% (games seem to crash randomly, not at any specified points, except for No Man's Sky which also crashes on load).
In the onlyFirestrike log, I start the logging and then immediately go to open Firestrike.
In the delay log, I start the logging, then start Firestrike after a few minutes.

onlyFirestrike CSV from HWinfo: onlyFirestrike.CSV
withDelay CSV from HWinfo: firestrikeWithDelay.CSV

Specs (been using this without problem for ~3.5 years, except CPU for ~2 years):
CPU - Ryzen 5 3600
PSU - Corsair CX750M 750w
Mobo - B350 TOMAHAWK (MS-7A34)


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CPU temps - Ryzen Core Performance Boost was giving higher temps, turning off rectified this. Instead, I just bought a better CPU fan, now temps have gone from ~60C idle to ~45C idle (they still fluctuate up a bit sometimes)..

Crashes - Replaced the PSU, although I'm not sure whether due to the PSU itself or the cables.
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