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computer respond very late

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For some days now, when I double click on my computer icon on desktop, or try to open any other program, like Flash, firefox etc, my computer does not try to open that program or folder for 10 to 40 seconds, after that time computer try to open(I mean after 10 to 40 secconds, my hard drive's indicator red light blinks on my CPU). help
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How much free space is left on your hard drive? Try running scandisk and defrag.
thanks for reply,
I have about 20% free drive space, and use scandisk and defragment utilities 1 or 2 times in a month. any other suggestion?
note: An other thing is that when I login to my account or just press esc button, I see wallpaper but nothing for 15 to 25 seconds.
What do you have running at startup? Click Start>Run and type in msconfig
Click the Startup tab, this is where the start up processes are listed.

Download and install: HiJackThis.

(Always create a Folder for HiJackThis anywhere but your Temp/Temporary Internet Folders or Desktop. A good place to make a folder would be in My Documents, as this is where it will save the backup files needed if there's a problem.)

Open up HijackThis and go to Config->Misc Tools and check the first two boxes there. Now click on the 'Generate StartupList log' button. Post that log in your next post.
I will look to see if you have any malware running on your system
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