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computer reseting

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hi, i have had a problem with the computer randomly resetting which i thought i solved but its still here.

- i have tested the ram in memtest86 for 16hrs and the results were perfect.

- i had this problem awhile back as well, so i got a new power supply but the problem remains

- i tried to reinstall windows last week and it kept freezing, so i got a new hard drive and windows installed perfectly. but I'm still getting random resets sometimes

- i have checked the computers voltages, temperatures and they are running fine, as well as the fans.

so my only guess is the motherboard is the problem, you guys got any ideas?
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- Windows XP pro
- P4 2.4GHz
- 2gb 400Mhz DDR RAM
- ASRock P4i65PE Mobo
- 160gb SATA HDD
- Truepower 2.0 480watt power supply (TPII - 480)
- Nvidia 6600gt 128mb

your psu should be plenty and a good brand to power your system, but it "could" have problems and be defective.

what we can do as a check is this:

download and install sensorview pro (free 30 days) that will enable you to keep an eye on voltages and temps as we work the system.

then with sensor view installing and running

begin running a spyware scanner, anti virus scan, defrag your hard drive & play MP3 music all at the same time

then record on paper what your voltages and temps are after 5, 10,15,20 minutes of this max workout

the real goal here is to see if you can record the voltages and temps when it does a restart

also: when is the last time you did a refresh of the CPU thermal grease ??

is your CPU heat sink free of dust ??
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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