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Hello everyone,

Im not really that good at computers, but anyway I've tried everything i can with no satisfactory results and since I've heard this website is the best when it comes to solving computer problems, i've come to You.

Here's the deal: 2weeks ago I bought a brand new asus K53E laptop, installed the drivers that came with the CD and.. since then my cpu keeps rebooting for some reason I can't recognize. I did some research about what could be wrong and as far as I got was: its not over heating(the cpu doesnt feel warm and the temperature is never too high), its not power supply(i've tried it with battery only, with power plug only, with power plug and battery together). I might be wrong about those things, since im not a pro, but thats what my limited knowledge tells me.

The interesting thing is that after i read somewhere, that drivers might be the problem, i tried to play with them (uninstalling some and then seeing if it works). Yesterday I got all the drivers that came with the CD installed except audio driver and it only rebooted twice(before that it used to happen much more often). Today I uninstalled all the audio devices in my computer and its working fine.

So I think the problem is somewhere in that section(i might be wrong again, since im not a pro at this).

I know You will need to know all of my computer specs and I dont really have a clue where to find them, so im going to attach the report card from the program called EVEREST, as i heard its really informative.

Looking forward to any help available.


Sincerely ekskiuzmi.


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