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Computer randomly restarts and shuts down

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Thermaltake Shark Full Tower Case
3.4ghz P4 w/ht
1024 MB DDR2 memory
Antec 550w TruPower PSU
Geforce 6800GTOC 256MB GPU
Maxtor 300GB SATA HD

Last week I was moving my computer to my new home. I was moving the computer via the box the case came in since I knew it would fit in there. I was heading downstairs with it when the handle on the box broke and the computer hit the stairs. Luckily, it only hit the step directly below me and did not tumble down the stairs at all. Praying it was all right I took the computer home and hooked it up. When I first hit the power button nothing happened. At all. The powerlight didn't come on on my GPU, the ram didn't light up (I have indicator lights that show when the ram is working), and teh computer didn't boot. I first began with the gpu, removing and reseating it and reconnecting the power cords. Got it to work by doing that. next was everything else. I couldn't hear the hard drive spinning up and when I looked at it it had fallen out of the hd mount and was askew. I quickly removed it and reset it in its proper place and reconnected it. I also removed and reseated the ram. After doing all this I hit the power button and nothing. I then picked up the hd, while still connected and played with the cords a bit. Then I hit the power button again and it worked. Booted up just fine, everything seemed to be working great. But now the computer will randomly hang, shut down, or restart. I was thinking that it could possibly be the hard drive, and that the connections might have gotten wierd with the bump it got earlier but I'm not sure. I was thinking of replacing the SATA cable and seeing if that help any. Other than that, though, I really don't know what I should do. Any suggestions?
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does that case have an "intrusion switch" ?
if it does, possibly the wire is loose, or the switch itself broke.

you have a quality psu there, hopefully it wasnt damaged, can you spot any burned or discolored items on the motherboard?

post back
unless I am mistaken I don't believe my case has an intrusion switch. I don't remember seeing that it did, and when I checked the website description I didn't see anything listed.
also. try and see that the cpu fan, ect. didnt get dislodged in the bump.

maybe for the heck of it, try a cmos clear, pull the battery out for 20 min. after you unplug the box.
disconnect the h/d and see if it will post,it does not take much of a jolt to damage the h/d
Well, I thought the issue had been fixed the its back. First, I had disconnected the hd and the computer did not post. Now, I have Corsair XMS DDR2-538 memory. On these sticks are indicator lights on the top that shows when they are working and how much. Basically an LED monitor that goes along the length of the memory. When the computer is one about half of them will be fully lighted and the ones above it will flicker on and off as it works. When I am having issues with the computer starting, like right now, The first two led lights will turn on and then turn off two seconds later. Not working at all. And the hd is spinning up. So anyways, I did two things as my last ditch effort. I moved the ram one bank over, and I cleared the CMOS memory. I have two 512 sticks and the mobo is dual channel capable so I moved stick 1 from bank 0 to bank 1, and stick 2 from bank 2 to bank 3. Basically, one of the things I did worked. The computer booted up and Ihaven't had any problems with it for over a week. Hooray! Or so I thought. Over night the problem returned, and I can't get the computer to boot again. Its the exact same problem as before, but now nothing is fixing it. I moved the ram back to where they were before, and even cleared teh cmos again. Nothing. Any help???
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The big bang from when the computer hit the floor could have dislodged or damaged a number of things. If it were my machine I would dismantle it completely and inspect every component. This includes removing the CPU, Ram, cards and all connectors to the board.

Aside from obvious damage there may be fine cracks and broken solder joints that are not visible to the naked eye. You should inspect all the boards top and bottom with a magnifying glass.

The hard drive may have hit something on the motherboard, the drive itself is now also suspect since it was ripped out of its mount. The gap between the read head and the platter is microscopic. Even though it was probably parked it still took a lot of G's when it hit the floor.

If something is broken on the main board running your PC that way may cause further damage to other components
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