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For about a month now I've had so much hassle with my pc. It's about 2 years old and has been updated a few times with better parts. About a month ago I got it shipped from France to England and when it arrived it had had mild outer box damage, but seemed to be working fine.

Note : PC Specs

Intel Duo 6200 2.0ghz (I think)
Nvidia 7800GT Graphics Card
Maxor 250GB SATA 7500RPM Hard Drive
600W Decent Quality PSU (Brand New)

Anyway, so within the last couple of weeks, I've had a lot of weird problems with my pc. I will list as many as I can remember.

- Random Restarts
- Random Freezes
- Loss of Sound, then mouse and keyboard go too and then Pc freezes.
- Computer not starting up properly(Have to turn off and on again to work)

I have to reformat the PC one a week, because after a week, a nice new error appears. Everytime its to do with either Windows being corrupted somehow, or a hard drive problem.

Also my computer had 6 USB Ports/Slots, over the past 6 weeks, 3 of them have now broken, and cannot be used. The freezes always start with USB Slots and Audio slots at the back of pc not working so entire pc just freezes.

I talked to a mate, we thought it was the PSU which was making very strainy sounds, so I bought a new one and for about 2 days it was flawless. Then it started doing all of the above again, I manage to sort it again by removing one of my gfx cards which seemed to be over heating, and again that more or less fixed the problem for a few days,

Now Im back to square one, pc is fine when not playing games, but after playing World of Warcraft for 10 minutes, my pc just freezes completely. It's not an over heating problem, I know that for sure, my GFX Card is at 80 degrees when playing and doesn't overheat.

My hard drive makes very weird noises and vibrates repetitively sometimes.

I honestly don't know what to do now. I got a new PSU and it didn't fix it, I reformat and it doesn't fix it. I remove my bad GFX Card and it doesn't fix it.

The problem seems to be something to do with the USB/Anything Slots at the back of the PC, but it could also be the hard drive...or motherboard bad maybe? or even corrupted Ram.

I honestly don't know and I just really want someone to help me figure this out, I just need to find out what is the problem so I can get it fixed. This problem is so irritating and I feel like im wasting money lol, since PSU didn't fix it.

Any ideas or help very much appreciated, and if you need me to get you any more info please say so and I will asap. Thanks for reading
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