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computer randomly boots up

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hi all,

the problem with my computer is that when i try boot up my computer it dosen't do nothink or sometimes when it dose boot up crashes.

I have ruled out most thing by booting it up with nothing connected, i have tryed a diffrent graphics card.

anyone got any suggestions?

my computer specs are
intel pentium 4 530,
512mb of ram, graphics ABIT RADEON R9550-GURU 128DDR APG,
PSU 400w
sound card, and wireless card
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can you get a hold of a spare power supply and try to eliminate that as your problem?

post back
all rite,

i have allready done that i got a new one from maplins a 450w power supply ant the system did not boot so i think it is the motherboard.

so can you think of anythink thanks for the reply

do a bench build on your system in incremental steps :

remove mobo from case and place it on a flat non-metallic surface / a mobo box works great because it will allow you to hang the mobo edge off the box just a tad so the vid card riser can be installed

install video card
one stick of ram (check your mobo manual for the correct slot to use for single stick config)
remove psu from case and run it from the table top too
connect BOTH psu leads to mobo 20pin and 4pin 12volt / make sure you hear the connectors snap when installed (check the mobo connectors for burnt pins or brown discolered slots / all slots even pci
connect the case switch to you mobo pins for case on & off power
visually inspect cpu ?? is it seated correctly ? did you use thermal pad or thermal paste ?? is the heat sink secure / is the cpu fan connected to mobo ??? wont run without cpu fan connected
then power up the system / see if it will get thru bios without a crash ?????
if it does ??? add hard drive, just place hard drive on table on top of a magazine, connect cables and let er rip / ohhh how my wife hates them computer guts all over table !! hehhehehehe

see what happens with these tests / post back


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hi agen i took it is pc world (still on warranty) it was a falty motherboard
Thanks for letting us know !!! I am happy to hear you got your problem resolved anyway.


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